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Supplement Iyanden

Message par Chrysalis le Mar 4 Juin - 23:07

Vous trouviez le nouveau codex Eldar vaguement fumé?

Vous reprendrez bien un peu d'Iyanden alors?

*Celestial Lance - 35pts
This crystal lance was once borne by Drastanta, Tempest of Starlight and Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears. Alas, Drastanta was ever over-proud and much given to needless lone battles. Drastanta came late to Asurmen's final stand and found his mentor already fallen before the foul might of the Keeper of Secrets N'kari. Keening with rage and sorrow, Drastanta slew the Daemon, the energies of the lance shattering the creature's vile spirit. Drastanta emerged from the fires of Asure where his mentor had not, but he soon vanished into the tumult of the war-torn galaxy. In the centuries since his final recorded battle, the Celestial Lance has passed from shrine to shrine and craftworld to craftworld, the better to keep alive the tales...

*The Wraithforge Stone - 30pts
This was once the waystone of the long dead Bonesinger Ivaril Brightshard. It was Ivaril who aided Mehlendri Silversoul in adapting the infinity circuit into a soul reservoir, and Iyanden has never known a more skilled shaper than he. Ivaril's soul has long since departed into the infinity circuit, but legend tells that the echo of it remains in the Wraithforge Stone and allows its bearer to manipulate wraithbone into new forms just as Ivavril once did.

*During each of your Movement phases, nominate a single Wraithlord or Wraithknight within 6" of the bearer and roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 or 2 nothing happens. On a...

*Warlords - When choosing an Iyanden army, you can choose one Wraithlord or Wraithknight to be your Warlord, even though it is not an HQ choice.

*Shadow Council - Iyanden army may take up to 5 Spirit Seers as a single HQ choice, rather than 1.

*Gifts of Asuryan - Any character in your army that may select Remants of Glory, may instead select from Gifts of Asuryan presented opposite, as the points cost shown. A character cannot choose items from both lists. Note the Wraithforge Stone and Guardian Helm of Xallathon do not replace a weapon.

*Spiritseer Psychic Powers - Any Iyanden Spiritseer that generates his psychic powers from the Runes of Battle discipline treats Voice of Twilight (see below) as their Primaris Power, rather than Conceal/Reveal

*Warlord Traits - An Iyanden Warlord may roll on the Warlord Traits table presented here, instead of those in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook or Codex: Eldar.

*1 A Hero For Ages Past and Future - This is a soul of peerless lineage, its every deed a redoubled echo of forebears long dead.

Rolle a D3; the Warlord can make this many re-rolls over the course of the game. These re-rolls can be used for To Hit rolls, To Wound rolls, Armour Penetration rolls and saving throws.
A sa place à la table
A sa place à la table

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Re: Supplement Iyanden

Message par hellbrandt grimm le Jeu 4 Juil - 16:48

Avis aux gens qui m'ont commandé ce bouquin, il est actuellement en rupture chez GW réapro prévu le 27 de ce moi, je vous tiens au jus Wink


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hellbrandt grimm

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Re: Supplement Iyanden

Message par Lord von Fedel le Jeu 4 Juil - 17:40

Pour ceux qui en veulent plus :

Army Of Iyanden Rules:

Voice of Twilight - replaces Conceal as the Primaris
Blessing. Warp Charge 2.
Gives ALL Wraith BATTLE FOCUS AND FURIOUS CHARGE in a 12" bubble.

Warlord Traits:

1) Roll a D3 - Warlord gets this many rerolls for To Hit, To Wound, Armour Pen and Saves.
2) All friendly units FNP 6+ within 12".
3) Warlord and unit - Hatred.
4) Spirit Mark up to two enemy units per turn.
5) +1 to Deny The Witch.
6) Warlord ReRolls all failed armour saves. If he loses a wound, he loses this trait.

Gifts of Asuryan

Celestial Lance
It's a lance like the Shining Spears get with AP2 and Str 8 when shooting. Has Spirit Shatter: if you kill a Character or MC put a large blast where it died. Str is equal to the dead things toughness. AP -

AP 2 Master Crafted Melee weapon with STR 3* and Spiritstealer - add one to the strength of the weapon for each unsaved wound made.

Wraithforge Stone
During the Movement Phase, nominate a single Wraithlord or Wraithknight and roll a D6. 1 or 2, nothing happens. 3+ it regains a wound suffered earlier in the battle.

Guardian Helm of Xellethon
Auto Pass Look Out Sir when in WG or WB units. WG and WB in this unit can make and accept challenges.

Spear of Teuthlas - Psyker Only.
Singing Spear, Str 9 at range. Has Rending, Armourbane and Fleshbane.

Heroes of Iyanden.
A Wraithlord or Wraithknight may be the Warlord.

Shadow Council.
5 Spiritseers for one HQ.
Lord von Fedel
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Re: Supplement Iyanden

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